Never Learning => Never Ending Disaster

Indonesia the land of neverending disaster. A new year has began, has not reach one week yet we enter this year. The “queuing disaster” has waited for Indonesia.
Jember, a small region in East Java, has been the first region hit by disaster in 2006. Hundreds people lost their life.
Unfortunately the reason is same, damaged forest. The forest dramaticaly vanish from our land.
Indonesian don’t learn with the experience, experience is the best teacher did not happen in our beloved country. Or maybe their brain is formatted, so all the momory is gone :C.
To all the victims im very sorry to hear that.
Make our earth green.
“Telah nampak kerusakan di darat dan di laut disebabkan karena perbuatan tangan manusia, supaya Allah merasakan kepada mereka sebahagian dari (akibat) perbuatan mereka, agar mereka kembali (ke jalan yang benar).(Ar Ruum 41)”

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