What A Funny

We will talk aboout tv program in Indonesia. Mistery & pornography program are the most controversy tv program in out country. A lot of people refuse this programs but the opposite always campaign so that this programs will be accepted by the audience.

That programs do not appropriated with the culture in Indonesia which most of the people was muslim. So that many react was held to refuse it, especially from muslim community.

We could say this react was success enough.

But there was a funny phenomenon that occured in our society. The tv program which contain about fortune-teller was accepted. Just enough to know, it very contradicted with the substance of Islam exactly(tauhid). It dangers the faith of Muslim and might bring them to “kemusyrikan”.

Mama Laurent,a well known paranormal, always ___ in infotainment in the beginning 2006 to give fortune-teller about what will occur in the glamour celeb life. Astrology was unforgetable session in teens programs and so on.

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